Stitching & Storytelling

From broad experimentation and research into the female relationship with embroidery, has developed the desire for an approach to story telling that is both intuitive and responsive. Reflecting upon graphic simplicity and the paring down of information, I questioned whether simple stitching could tell its own story

Within the exhibition I plan to place a piece of abstract stitching with its corresponding poem. The physical association with the book title will give it meaning and contextualise the form. These forms suggest a narrative of their own, complimenting the poems they accompany. There will be 7 in total. 

Pictured here is a developmental piece, and its translation onto linen (still in progress). I intend to display them in the hoops. The cloth is the same fabric that I’ve made book cloth from and the red embroidery silk is used throughout my project. 

stitching sample stitching 7 in progress


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