Birthrites Bi-Annual Competition entry

This is my entry to the Birthrites Bi-Annual Competition. They put a call out for original artwork in any form, responding to the open theme of child birth.

‘Giving birth is a much-discussed yet intimate experience, unique yet common across humanity.

Personally speaking, as a mother of four, each birth has been unique, shocking and completely overwhelming. I’ve had many conversations about birth with other Mothers over the years and was curious to discover what our experiences had in common. I put a call out on Facebook asking friends to sum up their birth experience in one word, and selected the seven most common answers, embroidering them onto simple white cotton knickers.

In sequence they tell the stories of seven different women, whilst collectively voicing a common experience.

The embroidered statements are intentionally subversive; appearing pretty and decorative they invite closer inspection to reveal the shocking truth. Simple white knickers represent intimate femininity without a hint of sexuality; hand embroidery makes reference to history; red thread references feminine strength; and the names tapes personally identify the experiences.’



IMG_5163 IMG_5162  IMG_5164 IMG_5165 IMG_5166 IMG_5167 IMG_5168


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