Making Books with Craft degree students

I was delighted to be invited to spend the day teaching FdA Contemporary Craft Practice students about book binding last week. I decided upon two fairly basic structures that once mastered could give them the practical skills to move forward with their own creations.


We started by making a ‘do-si-do’ book, which can be very satisfying introduction to book making as it introduces the art of stitching the pages together and gets you thinking practically about the form of the book. The double sets of signatures (pages) make it an interesting form if representing opposites and there is plenty of scope to use different paper based ephemera for the pages.

IMG_5859 IMG_5860  IMG_5858  IMG_5861  IMG_5862

By lunchtime most students had achieved this so we moved onto making a basic hardback book with a spine. This was covered in book cloth and we added end papers with a single set of stitched pages. By the end of the day each student had completed two books and were ready to start developing their own structures. Thank you to the students for a really great day, it’s inspired lots of ideas for me too!



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