And now to Beijing!

I’m part of an illustration and narrative focused called Fabula, and as part of this group my work is currently being exhibited in Beijing, China. The theme of the event is ‘Wake up your life with illustrations!’ More information can be found on the website of Nancy Yang, who is our China based representative and who has kindly put lots of effort into making it happen for all of us.

Here are a few pictures from the launch event (you can see my bright yellow postcard featuring one of my dusters). Unfortunately it’s too far to travel, but I’m there in spirit!

AjO7P70SZdYEPgu7ua8AT3_HYD3UU1qr-iO9frTVm0s fhzrECfAK1x7T1U4aotiVmGvcWECA9_roXpWtsOKYVw,qF0seeshldEjDeWVo8SLrEXt9y4rBfd8qREWG0w0CSo xU0Pqr2pgjJF6kdvCUZZ9WWg0jR99QOE1GamXuf2KnM


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