Exhibition hanging with Unfold 

A busy day was had yesterday with the textiles collective Unfold, of which I am a member. The exhibition ‘Curious as an Object’ opens this weekend with the Private View this Friday.

Below are a few examples of my work responding to the theme of the beach, which the group have been exploring for the past couple of years. As a relatively new member my contribution is quite small but I’m looking forward to exploring the new theme with them over the coming months. 

My embroidered discarded pennant flags stitch new narratives onto items that have a connection with the sea. The holes worn into them by wind and weather have stories of their own; I have carefully darned these to hold the piece together whilst leaving them visible to respect these marks of age and time.

My embroidered photographs mimic the shapes and patterns viewed close up through the lens of my camera. I used the macro option with my fisheye lens to create a sense of perspective. The blurred radius on some of the images was a happy accident. 

2 thoughts on “Exhibition hanging with Unfold 

  1. Thank you for your enquiry. It will be open for the next three weekends at the Birely Centre in Eastbourne, East Sussex (next door the the Towner Art Gallery). I’lll be there all day tomorrow and next Saturday morning at 11.30am when we are all doing an artists ‘walk and talk’ about our work. It would be lovely to see you there if you are in the area. Vanessa

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