2019-20 Update

Wow, this has been a busy time and I’ve been focusing more on the Women and Domesticity blog than this one, so needless to say this is extremely out of date! Today’s task has been to create a new page with recent interviews, collaborations and publications but here are a few highlights to bring us up to date:

June 2019: Finally started my much planned for PhD. Naturally it’s duster related but brings together theories of autoethnography and phenomenology to investigate the role of stitch in exploring and recording my domestic experience. I have the dream team of supervisors and my first annual review in July went well, so all is on track. It’s five years part-time, so it will be quite a journey.

January 2020: I was excited to give a paper at the Autoethnography Conference on Florida, US, which I was lucky to tag onto a family holiday.

Spring/Summer 2020: Like many other artists, the COVID-19 lockdown provided an and opportunity for some exciting creative work and collaborations. I renewed my call for dusters, this time with a COVID Lockdown theme along with a new instagram site @domesticdusters to feature the whole growing collection, took part in a FaceTime photoshoot with Mothers Who Make; wrote a blog post for the new Maternal Art magazine; was interviewed for the fantastic site textileartist.org and just yesterday had my letter to my dusters featured by Betsy Greer for her new Dear Textiles project. I’ve also got a new role as Course Leader for BA Design for Digital Media, with the University of Brighton!

There are just a few months left of 2020, which I imagine will be consumed with settling in new and returning students, but in advance, my new years resolution for 2021 is to remember to post a bit more. 🙂

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