Artists Book Experiments – Little Red Riding Hood

Flower-fold page form on GF Smith red twist paper repeating the phrases: Little Red; This way; Don’t stray, Little Red, Path lead; Grandma’s bed, here lay; Little Red. It can be read in any order.

IMG_5096little red

An edible book! Little Red Riding Hood was sent to visit her Grandma with tempting treats, but the Wolf had already gobbled her up. The pastry looks tempting but the jam could be perceived as either delicious or macabre.

pastry bookEat me edible pastry book


Letter-pressed concertina folds exploring the word ‘Wolf’.



The character Grandma juxtaposed with that of the Wolf, bound to the hand-knitted red of Little Red Riding Hood’s hat. The book form binds the relationships and presents them as a whole.

Grandma & the Wolf book

Within the context of the tale, the woods are a dangerous place; red wool, fur and cotton lace take on new meaning. This ‘book’ tells a story, ambiguous unless titled.

The phrase ‘Dearest Grandma, Mother’s Mother, howls in cotton nightgown’ was also bound around the twigs describing the complex transformation of Grandma (the Matriarch and ultimate maternal figure) into a beast.

bound twigs - visual poetry grandma twig

Grandma howls 2

Experiments with paper making. Red wool and lace were added to the paper pulp before pressing and drying. It was then fed through a typewriter or machine embroidered with images or some of the phrases I’ve been experimenting with.  The paper was too fragile to bind put each page tells it’s own story.

paper 2 paper paper 3

handmade paper

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