Hand-made books

Featured image: Amsterdam. A Star-book created from leaflets, postcards and tickets collected whilst on a trip to Amsterdam. Exhibited at University of Brighton and often used as the basis for teaching book arts to students of all abilities.

IMG_2308 IMG_2314

IMG_6170  IMG_6173 IMG_6174


A set of mini books questioning if the visual language of a book must always be on the cover and if ‘reading’ a book must always involve words or pictures. These are part of my investigation into domesticity and were exhibited with an accompanying  questionnaire exploring the visual references they prompted in readers.

Inside out mini books


An exercise in simplicity: can I tell the Biblical story of creation in 7 frames with a very restricted set of rules?
Sort of, but I need frames 8 so it can start from nothing, and the title is crucial to the understanding.

Creation book

Creation book spread 1 Creation book spread 2 Creation book spread 3 Creation book spread 4


A concertina book exploring motion. The text and images came from found ephemera (an old dictionary and a newspaper), which prompted the investigation. The graph paper gives a sense of structure and the sequence of the folds, which gradually build or retreat depending on which side it is viewed, support the sense of movement.

Motion book 2Motion book 3


A Jacobs ladder, covered in old sewing patterns.



Word games with a popular tale – The Three Little Pigs.

huff puff puff down


Experiments with bound covers. I made the book cloth myself with flour paste and the printing press, then stitched buttons onto the cloth before binding. Typically these are reflecting Fairy Tales – the red cover represents the Archetypal Queen and the buttons the sweet-house in Hansel and Gretel.

pearl coverbuttons



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