The Domestic Academic
This work was featured on Grayson Perry’s Lockdown Art Club on C4 in June 2020. It is part of a body of work created as an autoethnographic investigation of my domestic self and its relationship with my academic self, also to be published published as part of a book later in 2020. It shows the domestic, academic and caring roles of myself, which overlap and at times conflict with each other. This experience of overlapping roles was particularly poignant during the Spring 2020 COVID-19 lockdown when I was forced to work at home alongside my family – juggling lecturing, academic research, study, mothering and domestic duties, all at the same time.


A Portrait of the Artist Ironing
Inspired by the book titled A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man this stitched illustration gives status to the mundane domestic task of ironing.


Self-Portrait on Dressing Table Cloth 
This piece places the portrait within the expectations of female beauty and perfection. The underside is as important as the front – this showing the work that goes into maintaining appearances.



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