A Spell to bind Domestic Expectations away from Oneself

This spell can be used to free yourself from the patriarchal binds of domestic chores
and responsibilities so that you can be as free and creative as ‘others’ believe they have
the God-given right to be.


You will need:

Yellow duster

Red thread


Stuffing and other domestic materials/objects that hold no value, as required.

Clothes pegs (optional)


To be most effective this spell should be performed either when you wake up and start the chores whilst your family still sleeps or when you return home from paid work and have to start all over again with the domestic work.



Take your duster and form it into a figure shaped image of yourself. Depending on your level of frustration there are various methods you can use. Start by stitching a soft doll-like shape, stuffed for comfort (much like yourself). If this proves ineffective twist and knot and manipulate your duster to embody the form of your frustration. Pegs from the washing line can be used to secure and provide structure if needs be. Bind in other domestic materials/objects for extra magic.

In each instance, bind the doll in red thread from top to bottom.

Hide your doll (or dolls) in places where you family will not find them. (Anywhere that is not directly under their noses or pointed out by yourself will be appropriate).

When time is tight or you’re too exhausted to care, simply twist the duster and knot into a doll-like shape and pop her under the sink – the most magical place in the house.

No magic words are needed, frustrated mutterings under your breath are sufficient, as are heavy sighs and the grinding of your teeth. For extra power tuck your doll in your waistband whilst you pick up wet towels and dirty crockery.


Complete the ritual daily*.


*Note: This spell will need repeated use to be effective. The patriarchal binds are tight, well established and usually invisible to all but the woman of the household. Start by completing this spell once daily and increase as necessary. Dolls may also be reused and repurposed.



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